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Counselling Solutions
For A Happier Life

Welcome to Peace of Mind and Thank you for coming to see me, how can I help you?

Whether it’s for yourself or someone you care about, I’m sure counselling can help in one way or another, whether it’s just by listening, companioning, exploring solutions, helping you to understand yourself or others better, helping with coping strategies or signposting to a more appropriate service.

Everything is completely confidential and non judgemental in a safe place where you can share your experience and emotions at your own pace

There are a million reasons why people come for counselling, whether it’s to off-load your emotional burden, explore the reasons for your unhappiness, anxiety or depression, to connect with buried or lost emotions, to find your true self, to be more, to feel more, re-connect with others or yourself, understand others or yourself better, improve relationships, to grieve, grow, empower, change or just to be heard and understood.

Whatever the reason, you’re not alone. Counselling is a great way to take time for yourself by talking to someone outside your circle of family and friends, expressing and exploring what’s troubling you and being accepted without judgement. We can work towards a goal if that’s what you wish, you can learn new ways of coping or valuing yourself.

My name is Mike and I will do my best to give you all the help, healing, support and growth that you need.