How do you know if you’re stressed ?

Stress is something that people often say or think they have, but the reality is that they’re probably wrongly self-diagnosing themselves based on information they’ve been given by friends, family members or even the internet. This has caused a lot of people to incorrectly assume that they’re stressed and, as a result, do things that could potentially put their wellbeing at risk due to a misdiagnosis.

Telling if you’re stressed can be difficult because people react differently to situations that could potentially put you under a lot of stress. Because of this, you’ll need to learn the signs and symptoms of stress and also learn ways to lower your stress levels and stay focused no matter the situation.


Signs of Stress


If you find yourself easily irritated by things that usually wouldn’t matter, then it’s a fairly clear sign that you’re feeling stressed out.



Find yourself overwhelmed with tasks? Then there’s a good chance you’re feeling overburdened and, as a result, it can lead to stress.



Anxiety is a feeling of unease and worry that could be a telltale sign of stress.


Lack of Enjoyment

Being unable to find enjoyment in the things you usually love can be an early sign of stress.


Unable to Relax

Feel restless and unable to calm down? If you can’t seem to focus or get rid of the worries in your head, then it’s a sign of stress.



Much like stress, depression can often be self-diagnosed and mistaken for something else. However, if your doctor has identified that you are prone to depressive thoughts and depression, then it can easily be linked to stress.


Lack of Interested

Much like having a lack of enjoyment, if you find yourself losing interest in things you normally love, then it could be a sign of stress.


Health Concerns

If you’re constantly concerned about your wellbeing then something regarding your health has probably triggered a stress response.


Feeling of Neglect

Neglect can be a horrible feeling to experience, but it’s common in those that feel a lot of stress.



Loneliness is yet another negative emotion that one can feel when they’re burdened with a stressful life that alienates them from others.


Seeking Counselling

As mentioned at the start, stress can often be misdiagnosed and it could lead to nasty consequences, such as taking the wrong medication or allowing it to negatively affect your life.

If you’ve noticed some of these telltale signs of stress happening to you, then it’s a good idea to seek counselling with a professional to ensure that you get a well-informed and educated second opinion.

It’s much easier to diagnose issues like stress and depression when a professional is there to talk to you and analyze your situation from an outside perspective. Opening up and talking is one of the first steps to help you beat stress, and we’d wholly recommend that you contact a professional to ensure that you don’t become a victim of self-diagnosing a condition that you don’t have.

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